Leon Alexander

Drs. León Alexander is an anthropologist. In his view, anthropology embraces the study of the fulness of human experience, in all its expressions, which requires a phenomenological attitude, putting pre-conceptions within brackets and aiming for a holistic understanding of phenomena in life and society. As a scientific discipline, anthropology calls upon us to view ourselves in perspective.

León Alexander was born in the Netherlands, graduated from Leyden University, and now lives in Spain. He graduated on a Master thesis on the mysticism of Yoginâm in contexts of contemporary modern Western culture. He has been studying the work and life of Yoginâm intensively for several decades. He is a longtime board member of the Nâm Foundation and has recently co-founded the Nâm Academy. In parallel, he has also been working in policymaking for national and international public administrations.

Attuning to a World in Well-Being

Yoginâm presents a contemporary expression of a voice which has existed throughout human evolution in different cultural expressions. He calls it the Red Thread. This

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