Papers by Yoginâm

We make available a selection of papers written by Yoginâm, which are exclusively published here. The writings by Yoginâm are vast and rich. All his books have been published, but most of his articles, written during the course of nearly three decades, have had restricted circulation and are stored in the Nâm archives. The selected papers will remain published for a limited period of time and are regularly updated with new ones.

The Three Stages of Living

The way from Ignorance to the Wisdom of Optimal Living passes through three stages.  In the stage of Ignorance you identify yourself with the memory

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There is a reason that Darwin came up with the idea of an evolution rooted in the survival of the fittest. There is a reason

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Wisdom and Abbah

In the early Zoroastrianism, that of the Gathas, the ultimate, which was called Ahura Mazda, was conceived of as Wisdom. The ultimate was not imagined

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The Ultimate

When in films you see the battle of the crusaders, there are two opposing forces. Each one draws its inspiration from their god. The crusaders

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The Natural Sequence

The starting point for optimal living is the realisation that on all levels and in all dimensions, there is the field. We cannot say what

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