There is a reason that Darwin came up with the idea of an evolution rooted in the survival of the fittest. There is a reason why Malthus came up with the idea of overpopulation. In the same way as that there is a reason that the Club of Rome came with their warnings about the environment. These phenomena are Consequences of Causes. 

These Causes are not like the origin of an effect, they are much more profound. The whole idea that there would have been a Big Bang at the beginning of the universe would not have emerged if Western thinking would not have been shaped by the creation narrative of the Bible. There must be a beginning and with it there must be an end. 

It struck me the other day that certain groups proclaim that humanity will transform into cyborgs as if it is an unavoidable evolution, like the evolution of Darwin. It was considered as natural that certain species disappeared under the pressure of dominant species, just like it was considered natural that certain people had the right to exploit and dominate other people, as something natural and unavoidable, and blessed by a partisan God. 

We know now that neither the evolution of Darwin nor the claims of the Club of Rome have ever fundamentally scientifically proven. They are Consequences of a way of thinking in which whatever is transcendental is considered as irrational and is left out of the equation. 

The last few years have demonstrated blatantly that what is considered as science is far from rational and far from reliable in any definitive way, and what, from an enlightened humanist viewpoint, is considered as ethically fundamental can easily be sacrificed to economic interest. 

Ideals, beliefs and opinions that are not rooted in a transcendental truth are weak and they have to be supported by direct and indirect coercion. What I mean to say is that for instance religions that are based on a belief structure, have to maintain this structure by means of repetition, indoctrination and discipline. Societies that are not democratic, shout from the rooftops that they are democratic. They need to do that because if you would rationally analyse the situation, you would not find what a democracy is usually representing. 

It seems that Western thinking and therefore Western geo-politics is imprisoned in a vicious circle ever since. As a Consequence of the situation at that time, humanism of the enlightenment as its emerged after the Middle Ages, had to break with religion as it was represented by a Church, and threw away the baby with the bath water. There was no longer an Ideal that is transcendental to the phenomenal appearance of living. Living itself became the Ideal with its beginning and its end. 

Indeed, the present-day course of humanity seems to be irreversible as long as the transcendental Ideal is not reinstated as a measure with which human behaviour can be measured. I talk about the Ideal, but I mean of course the God. I avoid using the word ‘God’ because when it is the God as it is formulated by Western Christianity, it is part of the Cause that led to the Consequence we witness today. 

A soon as you ascribe human tendencies to the Divine, other than purely symbolically, the Divine loses its transcendental quality. It becomes the God in heaven, as contrasted to we on earth. Heaven is far away and cannot be ‘scientifically’ proven, so you might as well reject the idea altogether and with it the God that ‘lives’ there. 

You can easily escape this straightjacket, imposed by those for whom wet foundations are an ideal instrument of domination. You need to step away from the idea of an anthropomorphic godhead, or of a God as a concept, like the Trinity. You have to step away from the belief in such a god and become an atheist. A true atheist, who does not just reject the defined god of religion but rejects the idea that there would be a God that is separate from us. 

Instead accept the Ideal as an ‘all-embracing’ that is there when you open your eyes and that remains there when you close your eyes. I cannot know what it is, I can never know what it is because that of me that could come to know it, namely consciousness, is itself a Consequence of what it is as the Cause of my being. I am talking about the Ultimate as represented by terms like Dao, Brahman, Unum. Utterly unknowable and yet the essence of everything that surrounds me, and that makes me into what I am. 

With an orientation on such an Ultimate, which I indicate with the sound: Abbah, you do not see the world as the handicraft of a God, but as an infinite eternity; a Presence that Is and cannot be Not-be. In such a world there is no survival of the fittest but an eternal search for Harmony. There is a biological evolution, but that evolution is guided by a search for optimal Harmony. Species adapt in order to serve the Harmony of which they are part. 

With Abbah as a central focus in living, for which Harmony is an illustration, rather than embroiled in a permanent struggle, all the species, and the human species as well, adapt themselves, and in the case of humans, should adapt themselves to contributing to this Harmony. Each species of the world as it appears to us, demonstrates that it contributes optimally to maintaining or regaining Harmony. 

With this in mind we can understand that, as we are born in Ignorance with a natural tendency to grow up and mature, we can only direct this course of growing up by transforming what we are as a resonance of Ignorance into a resonance of Wisdom. Everything else we do in life, which is not part of this transformation into Wisdom, is futile, for the simple reason that we die, and when we die there is no longer life. I consider Wisdom as a way of living that is Optimal within the given circumstances and with the given abilities. 

There is no standard to Wisdom. What is Wisdom for one with limited ability, can be pure Ignorance for the other who with more favourable abilities is meant to travel further and reach different degrees. I am not talking about knowledge, about theology or about asterism. I am talking about the question of whether with your way of living you demonstrate Ignorance or Wisdom. There is no judge who judges that, there is only the regularity of Cause and Consequence. 

At the moment of death, you stand there as you are. You are nothing other than what you have made yourself into by means of the Attitudes with which you have lived. You can easily imagine it as resonance. Every instant of living generates a subtle resonance. Resonance, being resonance, is not stopped but contributes to what is infinite. Every act, every thought, every feeling, every belief, every opinion, every desire, every ideal consists in resonance that is infinite. We can consider it as the Memory of Soul. 

In this sense you should never forget that you manage what you are by the way you allow yourself to be. A certain situation may generate disgust. You may react with hate and revenge or you may try to minimise the effect, or learn from it what to avoid or turn away from. This is your choice, and this is the way you manage the resonance that will form the Memory of Soul. 

Just imagine that you are a leader who consciously promotes ways of behaviour of which thousands of people will become a suffering victim. What kind of resonance do you think such a person generates? But, and that is very important, that is not your business. What matters for you is to make the right choices in the face of such a situation. This means choices that generate Wisdom and not choices that activate Ignorance. 

Abbah is an unknowable all embracing, most infinite and most intimate. Anything you might attribute to it is an obstruction to what it could mean for you when you approach Wisdom. As has been explained extensively elsewhere, you are ‘I/World’ that is living as Experience, consisting of the range of resonance that amalgamates as Siweb. Abbah is not ‘living’ in heaven. It is in what you are. In order to activate Abbah as an orientation in life, you need to capture it in a way that ‘I/World’ allows. As Abbah is all embracing, your ideas are also of it, but they can be detrimental for what you are searching as Wisdom. 

Psychologically in order to find Abbah you need to have an image of Abbah. But as Abbah is unknowable, do not consider the image that you concoct as Abbah, (a god for instance) as a truth but rather as Asha, and always as an attempt. Abbah can be considered as Merciful, Compassionate or Loving, but as it is Asha it means that when we are faced with something that demonstrates Mercy, Compassion or Love, aspects of what is transcendental become relevant in life. 

When I watch a night sky, I can distinguish signs of the Zodiac in it. These signs appear only for me as an observation from the planet earth. They could be considered as Asha. The hemisphere as a hole represents in this sense Abbah. We see of Abbah what we are able to see. This ability depends on to what extent I can transcend the realisation of Asha into a sharing in Abbah. The management of Asha prepares me for the ultimate Attunement in Abbah. Living in Attunement in Abbah means performing the Task of Human Living by unveiling Wisdom. 

Wisdom is not something that you can reach at the end of a Path. You do not need to get certain instructions or certain initiation in secret for this. You are born in Abbah, which implies that the Wisdom is inherently present within the obvious Ignorance of the infant. The way from Ignorance to Wisdom is not a Path from A to B. It is rather an ongoing unveiling of what is present within. 

The key to this unveiling is Attitude. This means the management of the Habitual Programmes of Perception that shape the Direction of your life with beliefs, opinions, ideals, ideas and desires. It is therefore profoundly important that we recognise the collective ideas with which we are indoctrinated. We have to distinguish whether such ideas are beneficial for reaching Attunement in Abbah, or whether they are actually detrimental. 

As a human being you may have herd tendencies, but as individual you are a sovereign expression of living, of which you alone are responsible. That your contribution to Resonance influences it is not for your conscious concern. Ignore it, it would only lead you into the trap of Pride. Just concern yourself with the Golden Rule of not treating other people or anything for that matter, in ways that you would not like to be treated yourself. This is the blueprint for optimal Attitudes. Keep always in mind that your living should contribute to Harmony. 

Your Experience will come to an end at death, but not your sharing in essence, in other words that what is of you Abbah. When you ignore Abbah, your living is a waste. When at least your try to find Attunement in Abbah, however limited and insufficient that may be, with your intent you contribute to Harmony and with your Intent you perform the Task of Human Living. 

13 February 2024 


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